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2022 Artists Showcase-2.jpeg

Our talented Quick Draw Artists
pictured with their works from the live auction

About the Artists Showcase


Every year the Spokane Valley Arts Council (SVAC) organizes a gala event that provides a venue for family and friends to enjoy quality time together while stimulating the local arts by attending SVAC's main fundraising event. Through the years, members of SVAC have personally met and befriended many talented artists, and dozens of commercial artists are hand selected by personal invitation to attend the Art Showcase as guests. 

Included in the evening's itinerary, each guest artist either brings a partially completed work, or begins from scratch, and as the evening progresses the artists work on their pieces, giving attendees the opportunity to mix and mingle, and visit one-on-one with the artists to ask them questions and discuss their art while they work. Each artist completes their new paintings near the close of the evening in time for the art auction to begin.

The Art Showcase Art Auction is the best opportunity available for members of the greater Spokane area to obtain the highest quality of traditional art in a wide variety of artistic styles unique to each artist. Incredible artwork sells in a range from the low hundreds to several thousands of dollars. There are no paid positions in the Spokane Valley Arts Council, and all proceeds made from the art auction are used to commission more monuments and sculptures to further enhance the beauty and culture of Spokane Valley. 

We hope you join us for the next Art Showcase, it truly is a memorable experience saturated with the exciting atmosphere of artistry. 

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