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Don't wait until the 27th to see the art in person. All Silent Auction,

Live Auction and Door Prize pieces are on display at

Pacific Flyway Gallery 409 S Dishman Mica Road, Spokane Valley, WA

Lot S1

Robert Krogle

Alone in the Water

oil, 14x11"


Retail $1,350

Lot S3

Felisa Carranza

La Meta

oil, 10x10"


Retail $350

Lot S2

Craig Shillam

The Lone Cypress

Oil, 12x16"


Retail $850

Lot S4

Guy Rowbury

Mountain Spender - Mission Range

Gouache, 18.75x5"


Retail $600

Lot S5

Kyle Paliotto

Fair Queen

Oil, 10x8"


Retail $995

Lot S6

Don Brown

North Shore Kauai

oil, 9x12"


Retail $800

Lot S7

Linda Besse

Pretty Pony & Neck Neck

oil, 10.5x11" & 9.75x13.75"


Retail $2,500

Lot S8

Hulan Fleming

January Morning

oil, 9x12"


Retail $850

Lot S9

Roni Marsh

Living in Solitude

oil, 9x12"


Retail $600

Lot S11

Carl Seyboldt

Woodies in Flight

acrylic, 10x8" 



Retail $450

Lot S12

Jerry McKellar


bronze bottle stopper


Retail $140

Lot S13

Mathew Wong


oil, 8x8"


Retail $550

Lot S10

Stephen Shortridge

Nude Study #9

oil, 8x10"



Retail $1,100

Lot S14

Alan McNiel

Blue Milk Bone

oil, 12x16"


Retail $600

Lot S15 & S16

Pacific Flyway Gallery

Framing Certificates


Retail $250 Each

Lot S17

Tune Tech

Gift Certificate


Retail $100

Lot S18

Margaret Graziano

Venice Vignette #1

oil, 5x7"


Retail $400

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